From Hearts to Homes 

St Paul's, Marylebone is partnering with Newpin Drop-In and Foodcycle Marylebone in this new project, 'From Hearts to Homes', in response to the current Covid-19 crisis. From Hearts to Homes is about connection and collaboration. 



We work with a  large team of volunteers to be in regular contact by phone with community members who are isolated, vulnerable or at risk.

Volunteers will be in phone contact every two days with their community member.

They will provide companionship by phone for those who need to be shielded from the virus and combat the mental and emotional effects of social isolation. 

We have paired volunteers with one or two members in the Lisson Grove and Church Street community.

The volunteer has committed to their community member (all being well)- until the Covid-19 virus no longer poses a threat.


We collaborate with our community members to understand what their needs.

We offer a shopping service and collection of prescriptions for those who need to be shielded from the virus. 

We offer shopping free of charge (funded through our crowdfunding campaign) to cover the costs of shopping for those who find this difficult. 

We aim to do one big shop a week for our community members