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'Buy a Bag' - From Hearts to Homes


We would love your help with this project - to 'Buy a Bag' of shopping for isolated members of our community. You can make a donation through crowdfunding on Just Giving - From Hearts to Homes

£12 would allow us to purchase a full bag of weekly shopping - buying people what they need and suitable to their dietary requirements.

The community members we serve live in Church Street Ward (Lisson Green & Church Street Estates) and are known to us through our community networks - Newpin Drop-In, St Paul's Church & Foodcycle Marylebone.


Church Street Ward is a wonderful neighbourhood, with a great sense of community. It is one of the most densely populated wards in London, with a high concentration of social housing. It is an area of multiple deprivation, with particularly high levels of food poverty, social isolation, mental and physical ill-health and housing concerns. There are a number of active social outreach projects in the area and we are collaborating together to support those living in the local community.

The people we are reaching out to are known to us through these community networks. Due to the multiple vulnerabilities of health, age and food poverty in the area these individuals rely on the free meals provided by Newpin Drop-In, Foodcycle Marylebone and St Paul's on a weekly basis. With these service are currently on hold during this crisis the individuals are among the most vulnerable in our community at this time.


You can offer support at this time. Buying one bag, or even a few bags, would enable us to give people what they really need at a time when they need it most. Please help us help them.

Our target to reach 22 community members for 10 weeks is £2,700. Thank you so much for your support. 

Just Giving - From Hearts to Homes

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