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Giving & Fundraising

Support the life of St Paul's

We are extremely grateful for your support to St Paul's Church. Thank you! 

Please find below a number of ways in which you can make donations to support the life of the church and the vital community hub we offer. 


The easiest way to support the ministry and mission of St Paul's Church is by giving online through Parish Giving Scheme.

Monthly Giving through the 'Parish Giving Scheme': The Parish Giving Scheme is a direct-debit scheme which enables you to support the life of the church through monthly giving. This can be for any amount and it can be cancelled or changed at any time during the year. The benefit of the Parish Giving Scheme is that it offers a straightforward way to give regularly to the life of the church and to support the mission of the church in this parish. Our tithing (a percentage of our income given back to God) is one way to express our gratitude for all God has given us, and can help us feel more connected to the places in which we worship and serve God. The Parish Giving Scheme is also beneficial to the church because regular giving enables the church committee (PCC) to budget for the year ahead, to plan new ministries and outreach, to support the life of the church in our community, and to undertake essential maintenance. If you would like to find out more or give regularly in this way please contact the office for more information. 

Regular Weekly Giving (during worship) During our usual Sunday service of Holy Communion on Sunday mornings (10am) there is an opportunity to give money towards the ministry of the church during the Offertory. The offertory begins as we prepare the altar for Holy Communion. We bring up gifts of bread and wine to be consecrated, and we bring ourselves before God - giving our lives, our talents, our time and our money to God that they may be shaped by his purposes for us. In the Offertory Prayer all these gifts (the bread & wine, our gifts & our lives) are lifted to God in prayer as we give thanks and ask for God's blessing. You can give during the Offering either in cash or cheque (if you are a UK Taxpayer please complete a Gift-Aid envelope as it enables the church to increase your gift, at no extra cost to you). If you give weekly and would prefer to do this through monthly direct-debit please contact the office to discuss signing up to the Parish Giving Scheme. 

One-off Donation: If you would like to support the life of St Paul's with a one-off donation this can be made by cash or cheque (made payable to 'St Paul's Church PCC') or online via BACS. Please contact the office if you would like to give via BACS 'St Paul's Church PCC', Sorting Number: 40-52-40 Account Number: 00017412. 

Legacy: Legacies are a wonderful way to support the life of the church. Recently, a legacy (a donation in a Last Will and Testament) left to St Paul's Church enabled us to put a large sum towards refurbishing our roof, which will ensure the sustainability of the church for many years to come. We were also able to add Solar Panels to the roof which now provide us with electricity and have helped us to cut our costs in bills, enabling us to prioritise spending on ministry and mission. In the past legacies left to the church have enabled us to redecorate and improve lighting; to support youth and children's ministry; to provide a fund to support people who find themselves in urgent need; support for our community outreach & ministry among those who sleep on our streets. If you would like to consider making a gift to St Paul's Church in your Will, as a legacy to the church, please contact the office for more information and guidance from the Diocese of London on how best to support your local church.  

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