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Raise the Roof Fundraising


St Paul’s was built in 1838 and has served as a place of worship for 180 years. Over the last 30 years St Paul's has become an active and dedicated centre for the local community. But our patched-up roof is now letting water in and desperately needs replacing.

We propose to secure the future of St Paul’s as a centre for local people, the home of a worshipping community, and the working premises of two charities, by re-roofing the building to make it sound for the next generation. In addition, we will add photo-voltaic (solar) panels to harness the sun’s energy and add insulation, both of which will make St Paul’s a beacon of sustainability.


We are grateful for all the support we have received so far and it is exciting to see the project beginning. The scaffolding is going up during October and the roofers will begin working over the winter months. We hope to have the solar panels in place in the New Year. 


Although we are getting closer to our target of £300,000 we still need to raise £40,000 to reach our goal. We would love to reach this target by Christmas! Can you help make it happen? 


You can make a donation via our Virgin Money Giving page or you can fund a roof tile (£10 each) or a solar panel (£500)Thank you for your generosity and support.