January 2022 Ecotips

7 January


New Year’s Resolutions? This year we’ll be publishing an eco-tip every week. Could your resolution be to protect God’s creation, and reduce your footprint? Start simply – instead of buying new food, make a simple meal from leftovers from the festive period.


14 January


It’s Veganuary. A vegan diet could be the ‘biggest single way’ to reduce your environmental impact, Oxford researchers have said. Cutting meat and dairy from your diet can reduce your footprint from food by 73% If you’re not ready for the full commitment, maybe introduce some meat- and dairy-free days into your week to get started. https://veganuary.com/


21 January


It’s obvious when you think about it, but a switched-off device uses less energy than something left on, so be vigilant at home and at work to turn off appliances you’re not using.


28 January


Do you know how green your bank is? Check it out at https://bank.green. If yours isn’t so good, maybe it’s time to change?