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On Good Friday we will gather to remember Jesus' death on the cross, when the world was empty and silent, and love and light entered the place of darkness and death. 

To join the gathering please click on the link for Zoom (you may need to download the app first): 

Zoom: DWELL: Holy Week

Password (if requested): 177310

At this gathering we will tell the story of Jesus last hours, his final words and the names we give to Jesus. 

Please bring a piece of paper & pen and a small cross. We will reflect on the names given to Jesus at his death, and the name we call upon in our own times emptiness and fear. We will share stories and what Jesus' name means to each of us. We will think about the name God puts on our heart this Holy Week? You might like to bring a small object that symbolises that name, or prepare a card with the name on as we gather. 


The gathering will close in silent meditation. You might want to spend the rest of the evening in quiet as we contemplate the death of Jesus on Holy Saturday. 

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