Eco Church

St Paul's seeks to be a place of sustainability and climate justice.

We are passionate about God's creation

and our responsibility to be good stewards. 


We are part of the Eco Church movement and have recently received the Silver Award for our work towards sustainability & climate justice.


We are passionate about doing what we can to make our church, our community and our planet more sustainable. Here are some of the changes we have made over the past few years: 

  • Installed solar panels on our roof

  • Restored the roof to improve insulation

  • Installed new LED lighting

  • Set up a Climate Club run by children

  • Established a church herb-garden & growing space

  • Organised community litter-picks

  • Set up a community meal to combat food waste & social isolation

  • Worship, teaching & Bible Study on Creation & Climate Justice

  • Campaigned for Climate Justice 

  • Joined a local food-waste & composting scheme

  • Regularly off-setting our carbon footprint (by planting trees)

  • Active engagement with Fairtrade Foundation


We recently launched Climate Club, led by children.

See the noticeboard in church for details & upcoming activities